Public Quotation

A lot of different companies rendering their services in the Forex market have appeared recently. Many of them are alike, often offering even one and the very same software. Unlike the companies, Forexite has its face, public quotation being one of the main distinctions.

Individual quotation

It's been traditional in the Forex market that dealers provided customers on their demand with individual quotes. With electronic trading systems the situation has changed but little and most companies keep quoting for each individual client. Individual quotation gives a dealer an opportunity to move a quote to some points against a customer position, thus gaining extra for his/her company for the customer's loss of profit.

Public Quotation

There are a few companies, Forexite among them, that offer public rather than individual quotation. It means all clients independently of their positions, deals way and frequency, trading volume and methods are free to use for trading the very quotes the company receives. Such quotation excludes any moves or whatsoever tampering with quotes because they are available to anyone and can be compared with the quotes of other independent sources.

Real dealing quotes

Because of public quotation there appears a constant flow of quotes called real dealing quotes (in contrary to the informative ones supplied by DBC, CQG and other systems). Forexite offers real-time dealing quotes via the QuoteRoom program with the quotes history published on the web-site.

Real and virtual (training) trading correspondence

Some companies give for virtual accounts informative quotes, which makes the demo trading an easy and "profitable" game. In this case, however, one is not able to carry over the experience obtained to a real trading. As against this practice, the Forexite TradeRoom trading terminal offers the same real dealing quotes for both real and virtual accounts, which ensures adequacy of a virtual trading to a real one. With Forexite you may indeed learn trading and test various procedures retrying similar results in a real account.

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